Adventure, Space

Silent Running

No sooner had the Icarus touched down on Absalom Station was there a representative of the KMC CEO to collect the sarcophagus. Illeosa Varkon advised the returning crew of the ship to stay on hand and they would be in touch.

The call came some 3 days later, but only EL1 and Morrawin were available to answer. The CEO requested they find more help, payment being no object, to assist. EL1 sought Gepetto Oceanwalker’s attendance, and the dwarf obliged.

The enigmatic CEO explained that a far reaches waystation for a distant mining operation had “gone dark”. He explained that it had been almost a month since any word from them had been received. It was affecting his business, the loss of the Drift beacon the waystation acted as caused great delay in his ability to react. But he sold it as a humanitarian mission, with concerns to the mining and administration staff that resided out there.

Returning the The Icarus, the trio discovered it had been retrofitted by KMC with upgraded, better systems; making the plucky ship more formidable.

Plotting a course, EL1 send them into the darkness of space, via the Drift, to the waypoint.

Departing the Drift, the Icarus’ science officer, Morrawin, scanned the distant waystation for signs of life. Organic matter was present, but no signs of life were discovered. Tentatively, the ship approached, and without a response for authorisation, docked.
Opening the airlock, the scene they faced was pitch black and two gleaming red eye-level dots in the darkness. EL1 and Gepetto with their low-light vision and Morrawin, through Rex’s eyes, could clearly see a security droid looming large in the dark umbilical. EL1 attempted to communicate and introduce their arrival, but was met with “Halt! Intruder, intruder!” Gepetto needed to further warning and opened fire.
A tough fight ensued that took a heavy toll on EL1, but the droid eventually was laid low.

EL1 returned to the ship’s medical bay to patch himself while the other pushed deeper in the dark complex. Morrawin managed to find a computer console on the wall and used it to return the power to the illuminations and other systems and the waystation hummed and clicked into life.
The waystation seemed to be a large oval shape and Gepetto and Morrawin, each with the other’s respective mechanical companions, headed in separate directions to explore the station. However, not before Morrawin accessed her hacked computer to add every one’s details so the biometric scanners would unlock any doors as they approached.
Each found living quarters, dormitories, kitchens and shower rooms in sequence, the same on each side, mirror opposites. Finding no signs of life, except fresh protein slush and personal belongings long untouched, they pressed on. EL1 caught up with Gepetto when they reached the security room. They saw live security footage, but the entire station was deserted. EL1 attempted to recall past events and view old logs, but the logs showed usual daily activities until they simply just stopped. The footage had been overridden; without anyone to deliberately store specific timestamps, the system merely reused the storage capacity and deleted on a regular basis. They saw there were four security droids in total and a main central command further down the ship.
They messaged Morrawin to meet them there, seeing from the security cameras they could both access the room from either side of the station.

Stealthily, they entered the room; that is, until Gepetto entered. The stout dwarf stomped in without a moments hesitation, waking a hidden security droid. Another beating for EL1 resulted in the droid being downed. EL1 left to disable the other droids from the security station, while Morrawin reactivated the Drift beacon.

The decided to make a final stop at the communication post to deliver a message of success to the CEO when they saw a scrawl, later identified as blood, on the screens stating: They’re coming…..

The reply took it’s time through the farthest reaches of space, being bounced from one Drift beacon to another, but the CEO requested their return immediately.

When they arrived at his office, he thanked them and swore them to secrecy, even though EL1 had taken the security footage for Odin’s next production.


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